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Branding Wallonia case study


Design of a new brand image for Wallonia.

Consultancy , Campaigns , Digital


Wallonia is aiming to attract foreign investors and to unify Walloons around the assets of their region.


AWEX entrusted VO Citizen with the mission of developing a strong new brand image for Wallonia and promoting it internationally.


More than just a logo, this involved the creation of a recognisable, attractive, adaptable visual language for each of the Walloon institutions. The principal visual output of this work was a logo consisting of five black dots forming a W and coupled with the slogan: “Feel inspired”, which can be divided into four coloured “auras” evoking, in turn, accessibility, technological expertise, the idea of sharing and quality of life in Wallonia.

VO Citizen also developed a new website and launched the AWEX online presence.


A modern, limitlessly adaptable graphical concept, a TV and radio advertising slot, a poster campaign in airports and international stations. This identity has given international visibility to Wallonia, making it possible to “sell” and promote it not only as a tourist destination, but as a place to do business.