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STIB Fashion Show case study


Organisation of the launch of the STIB's new uniform collection.



The Brussels public transport network is teaming up with Olivier Strelli, a well-known designer in the world of fashion, and Cepovett, the leader in the European professional clothing market, to give a complete makeover to all its staff uniforms. The result is an entire collection that is more modern, sustainable and in line with the company's development and urban environment.


The STIB asked VO Citizen to organise the event to launch the collection. They wanted a fashion show that was to include staff and take place on the network to highlight the new “boa” metro trains or the new generation of trams.



To organise this press event, VO managed to transform Heysel station and its metro into a fully-fledged catwalk in a very exclusive and intimate atmosphere. To stay in true Belgian mode, the staging and the show were produced entirely in collaboration with Belgian artists. 

VO Citizen trained and coached the staff members chosen to be ambassadors for the collection by transforming them into professional models for the occasion.


A human and emotional parade that showcased the staff members. A hundred or so people were invited to join in with this VIP moment, including the Minister of Mobility, the CEO of STIB Brieuc de Meeûs, and Olivier Strelli's son to explain the collection. The invited journalists paid tribute to the collection with reports on most of the Brussels media. A team of 28 employees was involved, despite the stress of public performance - demonstrating great cohesion and collaboration that largely contributed to the success and professionalism of the fashion show.