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We produce events Events you can be proud of

Whether aimed at your colleagues or target audiences, the events we organise create a direct and lasting link, ideal for establishing a genuine community.

VO Citizen believes that events communication can boost the entire  communication strategy, which in turn  encourages  participation and engagement. We have confidence in this strategy, backed up by 25 years of experience in organising events within VO Group. 

Through informative, fun or festive events – which are meaningful, friendly and full of positive values – we create and nurture the links between you and your colleagues or target audiences. An event conceived and produced by VO Citizen will ensure that you have a lasting impact on people’s hearts and minds.

What we do

  • Branding Wallonia

    Strategy , Identity & employer branding
  • Mobility Week

    Strategy , Campaign , Content , Event
  • Regional Plan for Sustainable Development

    Strategy , Campaign , Content