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Service Public de Wallonie
Plan Air-Climat-Energie


Objective and content of the mission

The new Plan Air Climat-Energie (PACE), drawn up by the Walloon government, has set the region’s objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for improving ambient air quality for the next five years. The Service Public de Wallonie entrusted VO Citizen with the organisation of the press conference for the Walloon Summit on Climate and with the designi of the Plan’s communication campaign.


VO Citizen organised an information campaign on PACE by summarising and presenting its content in a lively fashion, making it accessible to people in Wallonia. A second phase, based on the publication of citizen initiatives on the campaign’s website, got the Walloons (individuals, associations, companies, and schools) involved in PACE. The campaign ended with the first Walloon Summit on Climate, held at the Micx centre in Mons.