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Bruxelles Mobilité / Brussel Mobiliteit
Mobility Week


Objective and content of the market

Brussels Mobility entrusted VO Citizen with designing and running a communication and information campaign for the public, to coincide with the Brussels Mobility Week and the Car-Free Sunday, for a period of four years.


Besides organising numerous events to bring people together and several 360° communication campaigns, VO Citizen created ‘Be Mobilmix, Be Brussels’ – an original concept that has become the official brand signature of the Mobility Week.

For each edition, the agency came up with new, quirky and original visuals for citizens, aimed at raising awareness of sustainable mobility – a topic in constant development and growing in terms of the public’s interest. Mobilmix Party, the flagship event created by VO Citizen for the Sunday, enabled pedestrians to joyfully reclaim for themselves a public space that is normally reserved for cars.